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Report File

  • 1. Name of the Establishment:- Skylark Highway Solutions Ltd
    2. Address of Establishment:- Wz-908A Ring Road Naraina, New Delhi-28
    3. Nature of work:- Highway Management
    4. Name of the Managing Director:- Dr. T.C Rao
    5. Date of Starting Business:- 20-Aug-2008
    6. Date of Initial agreement with PE:-
    7. Phone no:- 01244557000
    8. E-mail ID:-
    9. Website Address of Organization:-
    10. Registration No:- N/A
    11. Registration under Registration Act, 1908:- N/A
    12. Registration under partnership Act,1932 :- N/A
    13. Registration under companies Act,1956:- U74900DC2008PLC182219
    14. Registration under Delhi Shops & Establishment Act, 1954 N/A
    15. Registration No of Employee ESI Act,1948:- 11001063930001001
    16. Registration No EPF and Misc. Provisions Act,1952:- DL/39454
    17. Service Tax Registration No:- AAMCS6396JST001
    18. Sale Tax Registration no:- 07860368890
    19. Pan card no:- AAMCS6396J
    20. Name / Address of website:-

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